Baby Care

Baby skin is very much sensitive to skin problems and allergies. Resorting to numerous baby care tips won’t help unless you choose the right kind of product for your kid’s gentle skin. Either yours is a new born baby or a toddler, building a proper skincare routine keeps your baby healthy and happy.


You have to agree with us that baby skin is extremely delicate and demands ultimate care. You want the best for your baby, so we are offering the best. We bring forth to you our range of exceptional baby care products. Our collection of baby products is inclusive of VLCC Ayurveda Baby Cream, VLCC Ayurveda Baby Lotion, Ayurveda Baby Head to Toe wash and VLCC Baby Diaper Cream.


VLCC baby products are 100% safe for your little one. Creating lasting impression, these baby care products ensure the healthy development of your child. Our complete range of baby products is free from chemicals making it a perfect choice for baby care.


Providing overall protection to the baby skin, our VLCC Ayurveda Baby Cream is the best in line baby product that you can get. The baby cream that we offer is made from organic ingredients making is completely safe for everyday use. It is effective in protecting gentle baby skin from the harmful effects of harsh weather, pollution, dust and allergies. Our baby cream helps keep the baby skin soft, smooth, moisturized and nourished. We bet, your baby will always be kiss-ready with our VLCC Ayurveda Baby Cream protecting his tender skin against all the odds.


Every body part of a baby requires special care; which is why we have come up with an outstanding baby product that takes care from head to toe. Formulated under controlled conditions, our VLCC Ayurveda Baby Lotion is made from 100% organic Ayurvedic ingredients namely, vitamin-rich olive oil, haldi and milk protein. The gentle baby lotion protects, moisturizes and nourishes baby’s tender skin. It helps in restoring essential moisture for the delicate baby skin. Owing to the lotion’s Ayurvedic goodness, it protects any sort of skin infections to take place leaving it soft and healthy.


Our another product, Ayurveda Baby Head to Toe wash, is an excellent choice for baby bath. With our Ayurveda Baby Head to Toe wash, make the bathing experience worth cherishing. Our baby wash is a mild formulation of coconut oil, haldi & aloe extracts that gently cleanses and moisturizes the tender baby skin. It is a soap-free formula that helps keep skin’s natural moisture intact leaving it soft. Without causing any dryness or skin infections, the baby wash can also be used to clean head and hair. 


We can imagine how irritating it must get for the babies to stay in diapers for long. Most of the time they end up suffering from severe skin problems caused due to regular use of diapers. First of all, we suggest you cut down on the diaper use to minimal unless it is unavoidable. Second of all, if you are locking your little one in those harsh diapers, put our VLCC Baby Diaper Cream to good use to fight all that a diaper brings along with it. This calming baby diaper cream keeps the baby skin irritation-free owing to the goodness of Yashada Bhasma and coconut oil. The constant use of diaper causes inflammation and redness making babies cranky. The proactive Chamomile extracts present in the cream soothe the skin and keep it happy. We say you let your little one smile, always, even when in a diaper.


A happy baby is a healthy baby!

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