4 Most Common Winter Skin Conditions And How To Cure Them Easily

4 Most Common Winter Skin Conditions And How To Cure Them Easily

Winter is here! A season of festivities, new year, celebrations and more. However, winters also bring along a lot of complications to your skin with the beautiful snow and chilling winds.  Just as you would not step out of your house without woollens or heavy knit scarf, layering up your skin with the right products is essential to keep your skin safe during winters. Below are some of the most common conditions that occur from exposure to cold air and the ways to ease the pain.

4 Common Winter Skin Problems

Winter Skin Problem #1- Dry Skin

Dry skin is certainly among the most common winter problem. This happens because the cold, dry air outside takes away your skin’s moisture, and the heating systems inside, dry the air making our skin dehydrated

Solution: Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

The best way to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised is by using a good moisturiser or lotion or cream. Use a moisturiser right after a bath in the morning- VLCC Cocoa Butter DeTan Glow body lotion/Active Fruits body lotion come with ingredients that support better moisture retention and deep hydration along with SPF25 & SPF 30 that protects the skin from sun damage. In case of extreme dryness use the VLCC Liquorice cold cream that is a blend of liquorice and rose petals to create a nourishing and brightening formulation that helps soften and heal dry-irritating skin.

Winter Skin Problem #2- Chapped Lips 

Chapped lips are one of the biggest problems during the winter season. Lips have an extremely thin layer of skin and due to exposure to cold winds, they get dried easily. The cracks in the lips are very painful too.

Solution: Lip Balm all the way!

You can easily combat this problem by using a lip balm on a regular basis. Choose from a wide range of VLCC lip balms to heal, protect, save your sensitive lips from harsh winter winds. VLCC lip balm comes in many flavours like Strawberry, Rose and Cocoa butter. Choose the one you like and don’t let your smile get affected by the winter winds!

Winter Skin Problem Number #3 - Sunburn

Sun’s heat feels weaker during the winter but it can do as much harm as it does during the summer. So, if you enjoy sitting under the Sun thinking it won't cause any harm, then you have to rethink. Sun can damage your skin in the same way as it does during the summer or even if it’s a cloudy day.

Solution: Sunscreen is all you need!

The best way to avoid sunburn during the winter is the same as during the summer. Use a good sunscreen to prevent the skin damage. VLCC’s range of gel crème based sunscreens is an effective formulation that hydrates the skin while offering sun protection against UVA &UVB rays thus preventing premature ageing and tanning.

Winter Skin Problem #4- Patches of Flaky skin

Aside from dryness, skin can become worse with cracked and flaky skin in winters. It can be challenging to maintain the right balance of protective oils in your skin. This effect can intensify during winters when environmental humidity is low.

Solution: Exfoliation is a must!

As skin cells dehydrate and dry faster during winters letting these dead skin cells go is important for new and healthier cells to develop. Exfoliation helps to get rid of dead cells. This results into clear, glowing complexion.

Exfoliation can be done with scrubs, peel off masks, and DIY facials. VLCC’s 7X Charcoal Peel of mask removes skin impurities, toxins, dirt, dead cells and gives a bright glow on the face. You can also choose from a variety of DIY VLCC Facial kits that fits your skin type and need. A regular facial can accelerate cell renewal, restore lustre and gently nourish the skin.