Five Fat Prone Areas To Target With SHAPE UP!

Five Fat Prone Areas To Target With SHAPE UP!

We’ve all been at the receiving end of a magazine cover displaying a gorgeous woman looking like the lithe-self we’re convinced we’ll never be. Let’s face it: you’ve dieted, jogged, bicycled, swum - done Yoga! - sworn to shrivel to your dream self within months, weeks, days to finally live the dream ..but doesn’t something, somewhere always seem to fall short? Almost like you were set up to fail?

Well, hear us out: No More.

We know what you deserve and are committed to give exactly that to you: Say Hello to your new body-sculpting buddy - Shape Up!

Here are five gorgeous ways in which you can transform yourself:

1. Waist & Tummy Trim Gel

The oldest point of despair for women - their waist. As women from the subcontinent, we understand how untameable your abdomen may seem - the fat settles lastingly right on the stomach! But the curves aren’t elusive anymore - with VLCC Waist & Tummy Trim Gel that has Soy Extract known for its high-quality Protein that supports lean muscle mass, we say you’re good to go! This makes for the perfect addition to your routine diet and healthy lifestyle.

2. Anti-Cellulite Gel

Cellulite refers to that stubborn fat that causes dimpling on your skin - mostly, on the thighs or hips - and prevents a smooth, undulating expanse of skin on the body. You may feel fit and shapely, until you spot a cellulite mark in the mirror. We know how that feels - especially for women who are relatively fit, but can’t seem to rid themselves of these! Anti Cellulite Gel is designed specifically for this purpose - its continued application over time allows you to have a firmer, more toned skin - along with reduced Cellulite!

3. Hips Thighs & Arms Shaping Gel

This one’s for your limbs! Say the biggest Hello to beautiful arms - and of course, a Lady’s Special, hips and thighs. For firm and smooth skin - with improved metabolism - use Hips Thighs & Arms Shaping Gel, infused with super nutrient Wheat Germ which will eventually tighten slack tissues and gift you the limbs you’d love!

4. Anti Stretch Mark Cream

Maybe you lost a lot of weight - maybe you didn’t. You may be an athlete, dancer, housewife, traveller - or you may not - but we’re sure you’ve run into something people almost repulse from, the ‘S’ Word. Let’s not stretch it further - Stretch Marks! While some may carry them as a badge of honour, there’s always a time when they must depart. So throw back your hair, picture the clean arms, breasts, hips, thighs you’d love and order for the Shape Up Anti Stretch Mark Cream now!

5. Slimming Oil

If you’re more of an Overall-person, a Kill-All-Birds-With-One-Stone strategist - this one’s for you. Infused with Lemon Peel - great for high metabolism and weight loss - and 15 years of ongoing R&D, Shape Up Slimming Oil is your Go-To formula for fighting stubborn fat and flab - and to firm and tone your skin, leaving it smoother than ever!

So, along with routine exercise and diet - take things a guaranteed notch above with Shape Up. Happy Sculpting to you!