Five Signs To Know You're A Workaholic

Five Signs To Know You're A Workaholic


There are cups and cups strewn around you and you never quite know why. Or How. Yes, you enjoy your shot of caffeine once in awhile but you never quite have an explanation as to why your work desk is the permanent coaster for a 10 times-refilled coffee mug.

2. You Have a Work Attire

Duh, everyone does – or so you think. We don’t mean like a uniform – or do we? You have that one comfy top in all colours, different units of the same pair of favourite jeans and the shoes you swear by, everyday. Remind you of a certain social media tycoon? We’re happy to have you connect the dots.

3. You are Phone-Available 24x7

And TBH, you’re not even sorry. You’re probably that person who gets up mid-date to respond to a work email – or worse, to set up a call with the client. Vacation means going through the Spam/Others/Bin folders to make sure once, twice – and once more – that you haven’t missed out on anything. Some call it OCD, you call it modus operandi.

4. Quick Fixes

And we mean for everything. Dry shampoo, because who’s got time to wash the mane? A To-Do List because you must fit the 10 calls consecutively in 60 minutes. Instant coffee, because sleep is for the weak. You get the drift…

5. Non-Work Conversations? Boring.

You hate boys who can’t keep up – but you hate the ones who can’t keep up with your work banter even more. Gym rats, jazz musicians, bus boys – anyone’s okay as long they find your work as amazing as you do.

So dear Workaholics, we love you as you are - but we’re concerned:

Stop shoving the heat of the week under the rug with shots of coffee and lack of sleep – instead, throw your head back, relax and use your favourite range of self-pampering products during a weekend that means for you to have fun. It’s professional, it’s undeniable – it’s what you need.