Three Ways To Remove Make Up Instantly

Three Ways To Remove Make Up Instantly

No matter what the naysayers preach about makeup and morality, us women - and gender-fluid, grooming-loving individuals - love our occasional dose of cosmetics. It’s a blessing, it’s a privilege – it’s a sure shot indulgence.

The menace begins at the end of the glorious day/evening/date – right before you intend on settling into your sheets and going off on a great night’s sleep: The Big Question, Should I, Shan’t I? Your superior obligation of undoing the lipcolour, mascara, rouge and scent you carried along the entire day becomes a point of Maybe.

VLCC Bellewave – straight from the calm, comforting laps of Switzerland - brings unique formulae in irresistible forms to make you never say, or think, ‘Maybe?’

1. Bellewave Line Preventor Eye Makeup Remover

The most repelling part of the makeup removal ritual is the hurt and irritation it causes the eye. Not with Bellewave - This eye makeup remover gently but effectively removes all traces of makeup without leaving any greasy residue. A dual-phase formula of water and oil effectively softens and dislodges stubborn impurities with one gentle swipe. Provitamin B5 protects the delicate eye area by retaining moisture.

2. Bellewave Deep Cleansing Milk

This purifies skin and removes pore-clogging impurities and makeup, while helping to clear blemishes. It further soothes, tones and nurtures the skin while tightening its pores. This is your ultimate Go-To for make-up and ritual cleansing. Need a little fresh-faced happiness? You know where to go.

3. Stem-Cellogist TX TeloSoft Vital Milk Cleanse

This one is for the win: this unique cream-to-gel milk cleanser works at the important sub-cellular level of skin to boost skin youthfulness, while gently lifting away makeup and impurities. A complex of 7 botanicals, it defends against pollution and fights environmental stress. You’ll witness an immediate refinement in skin texture and tone.