VLCC Gold Facial Kit

VLCC Gold Facial Kit

It is good to take time off and treat yourself with relaxing and skin rejuvenating activity once a month, isn’t it? Incredible is the outcome and the feeling!

You are one lucky woman if you do not have blemishes, hyperpigmentation, severe acne, or any other skin problems. Yet you will agree with us that you still need to pamper your skin to keep it healthy and happy. And that is exactly what a facial does!

Don’t you worry; we are not going to stuff you with all the information about facial. But, yes we will definitely enlighten you about one product that is the best for your skin. Go on, keep reading!

A regular facial massage not only makes your skin glow but also de-stresses you and helps you relax. With hectic daily routine, you might not be able to follow the complete skin care routine at home. But that’s nothing that can’t be fixed. If you can’t go to a salon, bring the salon to your home.

Bring home VLCC Gold Facial Kit!

Don’t let your skin miss out the much-needed care with VLCC Gold Facial Kit. Facilitating excellent multi-step skin treatment procedure, the Gold Facial Kit is a must pick product when you have less time to dedicate and need best results at the same time. Out of hundreds of facial kits available in the market, we strongly recommend choosing VLCC Gold Facial Kit as it is a real value for money. Dramatically improving your appearance, the facial treatment gives you smooth and supple skin that looks young and radiant.

Every skin care product of this kit is formulated under the strict guidance of skin experts making it the most applauded facial kit that you can resort to. Offering the excellent solution to dull skin, uneven skin tone, acne, aging, blackheads, whiteheads and other skin problems, the VLCC Gold Facial is beneficial for all skin types.

What’s in the kit?

1. Aloevera

2. Sandalwood

3. Raisin

4. Turmeric

5. Gold Oxide

How will VLCC Gold Facial Kit benefit you?

The Gold facial kit promises innumerable skin benefits owing to its powerful formulation.

Effective exfoliation - VLCC Gold Scrub of the facial kit is an excellent exfoliating product for dull skin. Since the scrub is processed from 24 Carat pure Gold and Turmeric, it is quite effective in removing dead cells with gentle exfoliation. Both the key ingredients of the scrub are known for their detoxifying properties that not only conceal the skin imperfections but also give the skin long-lasting, radiant look.

Deep cleansing & moisturizing – In addition to the effective exfoliation, the facial with VLCC Gold Facial Kit ensures deep cleansing as well as moisturizing. Its Gold Peel Off Mask feeds the skin with the required nourishment to glow again. Strengthening the skin tissues, the mask’s active ingredients rebuild the fade areas by maintaining skin’s pH balance. This luxurious facial improves skin’s hydration and metabolism as well, keeping the skin flatteringly moisturized.

Rejuvenation & revitalization – The VLCC Gold Gel & Gold Cream are the best skin care products of the kit that help you keep your skin youthful. Enriched with 24 Carat pure Gold, & Gallnut extract, and Wheatgerm & Rose petal extracts respectively, these skin care products boost collagen regeneration and restore the physiological balance of the skin. All the organic herbs when put to use, work commendably in showing new signs of youthfulness. They prevent premature aging and aid in the removal of pigmentation, age spots, lines and wrinkles.

VLCC Gold Facial Kit has become exceedingly popular, as more and more people realize its skin as well as health benefits it has to offer with every use. However, you don’t need to spend the humungous amount of money on expensive products or treatments when VLCC Gold Facial Kit is the best contemporary skin treatment that you need. Not burning holes in your pockets, this gold facial kit is a must try skin care product that you can totally rely on.

We say you try it for a couple of months and see the benefits for yourself!