Double Power Double Neem Skin Purifying Face wash

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Dust, pollution and oily food that we live through impurities our skin leading to pimples / acne, that take away the beauty of your skin. Purify your skin with vlcc ayurveda double neem deep pore cleansing face wash - a unique formula, endowed with the power of double neem.


Neem has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which is essential for oily and acne prone skin. It also has Vitamin C which removes dullness and impurities and makes the skin look fresh.

Key Ingredients

1. Neem Oil
2. Neem Extracts
3. Chamomile Oil
4. Reetha Extracts

How To Use

Step 1. Apply on wet face and neck.

Step 2. Massage gently in circular motion to work up a lather, avoiding eye area.

Step 3. Rinse off thoroughly with water and gently pat dry.

For best results use twice a day.

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