Folic Acid

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Folic acid is a pregnancy superhero. Taken before and during pregnancy, it helps in the heathy formation of cells in your baby, especially of the brain and spinal chord. It also helps in reduction of Anemia in woman, and helps in regulating mood swings during menstruation and menopause.


Helps in Pregnancy

Healthy Brain and Spinal Cord in Baby

Reduces Anemia in Women

Regulates Menstruation and Menopause

Key Ingredients

Folic Acid:

Folate and folic acid are forms of a water-soluble B vitamin. Folic acid is used for preventing and treating low blood levels of folate (folate deficiency), as well as its complications, including “tired blood” (anemia) and the inability of the bowel to absorb nutrients properly. Folic acid is also used for other conditions commonly associated with folate deficiency, including ulcerative colitis, liver disease, alcoholism, and kidney dialysis.Women who are pregnant or might become pregnant take folic acid to prevent miscarriage and “neural tube defects,” birth defects such as spina bifida that occur when the fetus’s spine and back do not close during development.

How To Use

One tablet once daily or as directed by the health care consultant.

This product is not intended to diagnose,treat,cure or prevent any desease.  

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