Insta Fair&Glow Fairness Cream50 GM


Insta Fair&Glow Fairness Cream50 GM

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Step 1. Apply Generously On Clean Skin. Step 2. Massage Gently For 5-10 Minutes In Circular And Upward Strokes. Step 3. Wipe Off Excess Cream With Moist Cotton.
Features: - It is developed for lightening dull and dark skin - Prevents darkening, un-even skin tone and re-energizes the skin - Its unique formulation works by inhibiting the melanin generation and reduces dark spots - SPF 15 protects the skin from harmful UV rays which steals your fairness - Mulberry works as a skin lightening and anti-ageing agent - Liquorice root extract has a natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory ingredient with smoothing properties - Ideal for all skin types
Mulberry & Licorice Extracts
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