VLCC Insta Glow Oxygen Bleach (6.9 gm)

VLCC Insta Glow Oxygen Bleach (6.9 gm)


Oxygen rich

Fresh, flawless fairness

With pre bleach cream

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Product Description Oxygen is our lifeline. It has miraculous skin benefits too. It stimulates body’s natural healing system and collagen production, and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties as well. VLCC unique formulation which when applied on the skin releases oxygen which lightens skin tone, purifies the skin from within, stimulates it and leaves it looking radiant, fairer and refreshed skin in just 15 minutes.
Directions of Use and Facial Bleaching Tips: 1. Wash the area to be bleached with soap & cold water. Pat dry. 2. Apply entire quantity of Pre Bleach Cream & massage gently till it gets absorbed. It prepare skin for the bleach 3. Mix Bleach Cream with Activator powder as per ratio mention over the pack. Mix the two well till the powder gets completely dissolved into the cream. 4. Apply the mixture immediately on the area to be bleached using the spatula. Make sure that the hair strands are completely covered. Avoid application on eyebrows and around the eyes. 5. Allow application to remain for the suggested time given under 'Recommended Time'. If hair is not lightened as much as desired, re-apply the mixture and leave on for 5 more minutes. 6. Wash off with cold water. Pat dry.
1. Enriched With Glycerin 2. Lesser Tingling & Irritation 3. Instant Fairness
Enriched with Glycerin
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