Skin Defense

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  • vlcc almond under eye cream

    Almond Under Eye Cream

    Removes dark circles

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  • astringent for face

    Astringent For Face

    Detoxifies and controls oil secretion

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  • best cleansing milk

    Cleansing Milk

    Deep cleanses and soothes skin

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  • honey moisturiser

    Honey Moisturiser

    For smooth and supple skin

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    5 out of 5
  • vlcc indian berberry face scrub

    Indian Berberry Face Scrub

    Removes blackheads and rejuvenates skin

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  • lavang moisturiser

    Lavang Moisturiser

    For non-greasy radiant skin

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  • cold cream for face

    Liquorice Cold Cream For Face

    Protects & moisturises skin, keeping it soft & supple

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  • vlcc melia face wash

    Melia Face Wash

    Cleanses and purifies skin

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    4 out of 5
  • mud face pack

    Mud Face Pack

    Cleanses, firms and brightens the skin

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  • papaya-and-apricot-face-scrub

    Papaya & Apricot Face Scrub

    Mild exfoliation for daily use

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  • face massage cream

    Pista Face Massage Cream

    Intensive hydration for youthful skin

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  • rose-face-scrub

    Rose Face Scrub

    Exfoliates dead cells & gives smooth skins

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    4 out of 5
  • rose-water-toner

    Rose Water Toner

    Tones and rejuvenates skin

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  • walnut-face-scrub

    Walnut Face Scrub

    exfoliates & allows skin to breathe

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    5 out of 5
  • wild-turmeric-face-wash

    Wild Turmeric Face Wash

    Antiseptic cleanser for healthy skin

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