Do The 4-2-4 The Right Way Of Cleansing Your Face

Do The 4-2-4 The Right Way Of Cleansing Your Face

Ever wondered why Korean actresses look forever young? Of course, its a lot due to their diet but a major contributing factor is a basic skincare regime that they follow. Read on to know more.

Have you heard of the 4-2-4 cleansing ritual? It is one of the tricks that help the Korean actresses maintain gorgeous skin! So what does signify? It means massaging your face and neck with a facial oil for four minutes, followed by a massage with a foaming face wash for two minutes and finally a rinse for four minutes starting with lukewarm water and ending with cold water.

Cleaning makeup with coconut oil is a traditional Indian practice. In fact, several celebrities and makeup artists swear by it. Try it for yourself and you will find that nothing quite removes stubborn waterproof makeup as well as pure coconut oil does. Oils break down the chemical bonds in makeup that water may not dissolve.

There are several vegetable and nut oils available in the market, you can try pure jojoba, almond, olive, coconut, argan or rosehip oils for the purpose. Now you may be wondering why a foaming face wash. The reason being it helps take off the excess oil and deep cleanses the skin. Plus the foaming texture makes this product non-abrasive.

Tip : use only your finger tips to gently massage to face wash. Rinsing with lukewarm water again helps in complete cleansing and the final splashes of cold water help close the pores.


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August 21, 2015

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