Quick Tips To Detoxify Your Skin

Quick Tips To Detoxify Your Skin

Our body releases waste mainly in three forms, sweat, excreta and urine. In plain terms, detox simply refers to the release of toxins from our body. If the body does not release toxins naturally , we need to follow the detoxification routine, so that the toxins are released from the body. It is important to detoxify your skin once in a while as it also helps in relaxation, and improves the body functions. Sweat is the most used mechanism by our body to release toxins, and the release of toxins makes us healthier and helps our skin glow. Here are a few tips on how to detoxify your skin, a daily routine.

Sweating– this is actually the easiest, most efficient and the most used form of detoxification of skin. People who go to gym or who go for walking and jogging are doing nothing but detoxifying their skin. These exercises help burn fat, and the sweat released flushes out various toxins from our body, and leaves us feeling fit, fresh and healthy. After heavy sweating, you will notice how your skin starts glowing, that is an effect of the release of toxins from the body. Steaming is also a form of detox for the body as it also leads to sweating and releases toxins from our skin.

Drink more water– this is another very effective form of detoxification. In summers we usually drink lot of water, however in winters our water intake considerably reduces, restricting the natural detoxification. You can also opt for drinking a few cups of green tea every day; it is an antioxidant and also helps in releasing toxins from the body. Another effective method involves drinking water from a copper jug. Take a copper jug and fill it with water. Leave it over night and drink two glasses of water from that jug right after waking up the next morning. That water contains traces of copper which helps wash out toxins from your body.

Eat healthy– this is a very basic way to limit the amount of toxins inside the body, eating healthy will keep you fit and avoiding junk food will reduce the amount of toxins in the body. This is the best way to reduce toxins if you have no time for exercises in your routine. The food from outside is usually full of harmful toxins and is best avoided as much as possible.

One of the easiest ways to detox your skin is by applying a detoxifying face mask. The VLCC Diamond Detoxifying Wash-Off Mask with Diamond Bhasma offers easy detoxification routine. You can use it every day for a shining white face. The product contains diamond ash or diamond bhasma, vitamin E and orange peel extracts, which promises to even out your skin tone and nourish your dry, patchy skin. The product is available online as well as in stores near you. Don’t think too much, go ahead buy it and see the diamond like shine on your face for yourself.

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