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Men's Range

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  1. VLCC AyushMEN Shaving Cream
    MRP ₹45.00
  2. Ayush MEN Scrub 50 gm
    MRP ₹80.00
  3. Ayush MEN Face Wash
    MRP ₹75.00
  4. VLCC Ayush MEN Shaving Gel
    MRP ₹60.00
  5. VLCC AyushMEN Shaving Cream
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  6. Ayush MEN Moisturiser
    MRP ₹150.00
  7. Men's grooming kit
    MRP ₹560.00
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Buy VLCC Ayush Men's Range Product Online

A wise man once said, ‘Looking good isn’t self-importance; it is self-respect.’ The saying stands true for both, men and women. One’s persona needs to display their accomplishments without having a conversation yet. To look impeccably attractive, you need to be well-maintained from head to toe.  Since personal hygiene and grooming are the substantial part of the style equation, maintaining good health and hygiene aids in a man’s success.


What is the definition of looking good for men? Probably, the right clothes and proper hair. There are various hair styles men continue experimenting to look good. But, ever wondered, is that enough? Just following the ongoing men’s hair trend might be the easy way but it is not beneficial in a long run. What you need to resort to is proper personal care; coz when the inner you is happy, you feel happy, and ultimately you look good.


We have in our store an exceptional range of men’s grooming products for every man who wishes to look good. Our wide assortment of Men’s Range includes Men's Travel Kit, Men's grooming kit, VLCC Ayush MEN Shaving Gel, Ayush MEN Scrub, Ayush MEN Moisturiser, VLCC Ayush MEN Shaving Cream, Ayushmen Face wash & Moisturiser Combo and Ayush MEN Face Wash.


Skin of all men is not the same; which is why our complete range of men’s grooming products is specially formulated to suit all skin types.


We develop all our personal care products with utmost precision to help skin fight unfavorable weather elements and pollution that men face in day to day life. You can be sure of to get rid of dirt, dark spots, oil build-up, blackheads and sun tan with regular use of Men's grooming kit, Ayush MEN Scrub and Ayushmen Face wash.


Our refreshing Ayush MEN Face Wash is a natural blend of Ayurvedic herbs such as Neem, Haldi and Tulsi. The deep cleansing formula of the face wash thoroughly cleanses the skin from its pores and helps it to breathe. Helping the skin get rid of bacteria and other harmful agents, it prevents the growth of bacteria that induces acne break out. Not just this, the medicinal effects of the herbs reinvigorate skin and keep it healthy. What more could you have wanted in one product?


Our another incomparable product range of men’s care collection is Ayush Men Face Scrub. This face scrub that we offer exfoliates dead skin cells, reduces pigmentation and relieves your skin of deeply embedded impurities leaving it feeling clean and re-energized.


Made from Ayurvedic herbs, our Ayush MEN Moisturiser is a non-greasy formula effective in removing impurities from the skin leaving it nourished, moisturized, revitalized and naturally bright. Owing to its long-lasting moisturizing effect, Ayush MEN Moisturiser is the perfect choice to pamper your skin after a long day of exertion. You can pick our special Ayushmen Face wash & Moisturiser Combo pack for effective results in no time.


Our 100% paraben-free men’s products are infused with the goodness of natural herbs such as Neem, Almond, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, Glycerine, Tulsi, Turmeric and more. Their anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties clean the skin and its pores and also leave it spotless.


Ensuring a smooth and comfortable shave, our VLCC Ayush MEN Shaving Gel and VLCC Ayush MEN Shaving Cream have gained accolades for their rich lathering and antiseptic formula. Lemon oil, tea tree oil and vitamin A & E being the key ingredients of our shaving products leave the skin soft and rejuvenated after every use.


We say you go on, try the products and see the difference for yourself. 

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