Specifix Melanocelar Skin Whitening Facial Kit


Specifix Melanocelar Skin Whitening Facial Kit

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Deeply hydrates the skin, lightens the skin tone making it fairer and smoother.

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The long, hot days of summer can wreck havoc on our skin. Sun Burns , Tanning , oil (Sebum) and sweat secretion which is accelerated during the summer days , Rashes, Itching. And the list goes on. Melanoclear Skin Whitening Facial helps to alter this melanogenesis pathway so that the flow of Melanin to the Skinâ™s surface is reduced thereby decelerating the tanning process. Natural Whitening agents like Lemon peel and Orange peel extracts, Mulberry Extract and Aloe Vera extract help to lighten the skin tone, making it fairer, smoother and also keeps the skin deeply hydrated.


Follow the directions mentioned on individual units. The kit contains the following: - Whitening Cleanser 50g - Whitening Scrub 50g - Whitening Gel 50g - Whitening Cream 50g - Whitening Pack 50g - Whitening Serum 10ml*2
1. Lightens and evens skin tone and also helps lighten blemishes. 2. Helps to reduce melanin production and give a brighter complexion.
Mulberry Extract, Orange Peel Extract, Lemon Peel Extract, Aloe Vera Extract
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