VLCC Ayurveda Kesh Ayur Shakti Hair Oil

VLCC Ayurveda Kesh Ayur Shakti Hair Oil

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Ayurveda is a 5000 year old 'Science of life' translating 'Ayuh (r)'as life and 'Veda' as science. It is not merely a health care system to treat ailments but a complete philosophy that encourages the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.It predates all other healing therapies and natural medicines and has not just survived the test of time but is fast growing.

VLCC has combined the goodness of Ayurveda and Science to create the VLCC AYURVEDA range - A true miracle of Nature + Science. VLCC Ayurveda range picks its roots from the 5000 years old ancient wisdom of 'AYURVEDA' & blends it with modern science, giving it the best of both.

  • Take an appropriate amount and apply all over the scalp and hair using finger tips and massage for 15-20 minutes.
  • Wash your hair with VLCC Ayurveda Hair Fall Repair Shampoo for better results.

1. No mineral oils. Sesame oil based.

2. Beautiful, long and strong hairs

3. Stronger, nourished hairs for less Hair fall

4. Paraben Free. 100% Natural

1. Bhringraj is a wonder herb known to activates hair roots, rejvenating & revitalizing hair follicles to facilitate hair growth. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent on scalp to remove the smell & itchiness. It is very effective on dry & dull hair giving it the nutrients it has been missing out.

2. Brahmi has been know to strengthening the hair follicles. It's massaging is beneficial in checking dandruff, itchiness, formation of split ends and flakes.Brahmi nourishes scalp and provides proper nutrients to the hair follicles, invigorating hair growth.

3. Mulethi deeply cleanses scalp and hair, removing the sebum and making hair look shinier. It acts as an anti-bacterial agent to help treat scalp infections. It works great on great on oily scalp and controls frizz and hair fall.

4. Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, E & antioxidants to help protect the keratin in hair & seals in moisture. In cases of brittle ends or frizzy curls that feel more like steel wool than they do soft locks, olive oil can help soften hair. It is also beneficial in case of dandruff, commonly caused by a fungus.

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