1. What is VLCC Gold subscription?
VLCC Gold subscription is a program which gives the subscriber discounts on products on www.vlccpersonalcare.com , salon vouchers every month if the subscriber makes purchases.

2. How do I avail discounts on products on www.vlccpersonalcare.com as a subscriber?
First become a subscriber then when you want to purchase a product log into your VLCC personalcare account and the prices will be discounted automatically.

3. Where is my password to the VLCC Gold account?
You should have received the password in an email. Sometimes due to a technical glitch, it is possible that the mail gets delayed or doesn’t get delivered, in that case just do forgot my password and create a new one. If nothing works please call or email customercare, we will be happy to help you.

4. Do I get an additional discount on top of the website offers?
The discounts on website keep varying but a subscribers discount will be available throughout your membership period. Website discount and member discounts cannot be combined but we promise as a member you will always get a better offer.

5. Can I use any coupon codes?
Coupon code discounts will not be valid to members unless specified.

6. Can I use a gift voucher?
Gift vouchers can be used.

7. What are free monthly beauty services?
Each subscription plan includes beauty services voucher which you can use to pamper yourself at our parlors.

8. Can I just walk into a parlor every month to use the free services?
When you make your first purchase of the month and it gets shipped successfully, you will receive a beauty services voucher on your email id. If you don’t receive it within 10-15 days of receiving your order please drop us an email on customercare@vlccpersonalcare.com . To avail subscribers free beauty services at a parlor you must have a valid voucher to show at the time of your appointment.

9. How do I get the beauty services vouchers?
You can get beauty services voucher when you purchase something from the website every month. If you take 1 month trial, you will get wellness voucher worth Rs.150. If you have 6 months subscription, you will get wellness voucher worth Rs.250 If you have 12 months subscription, you will get wellness voucher worth Rs.500.