VLCC Pocket Parfum - Natural Lime 1 Pc

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Natural lime fragrance is specifically formulated to be suitable for both male and female care. The scents are extremely pleasing, comfortable, and long-lasting. It means that VLCC Pocket Perfume Natural Lime is premium perfume perfect for those who will not compromise on quality of odour.These Pocket size perfumes are designed to be handy and easy to carry everywhere.

Lime is known as the top note, these are the notes you smell first but they do not last longer. Essential oils in the perfume add depth to the top note like lime. Hence VLCC formulates one of the best pocket perfumes available online for men & women.  

Citrus fragrances are fresh & Sharp, based on Lemon & Oranges.These notes make you feel  energetic, lively & fresh. Feel the magic of VLCC Pocket Parfum - Naturel Lime which keeps you in mood all day. VLCC Pocket Parfum - Naturel Lime is compact, no gas body perfume will be your perfect partner whether it’s a long day at college, or a date at the movies or a rocking party at the most popular club in town.


Makes you feel energetic & fresh.

Easy to carry, easy to use.

Comfortable, long lasting fragrance all day.

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