The VLCC Personal Care Line range consists of over 250 skincare, haircare and bodycare products that are born out of our deep respect for nature. Some of key principles that drive our quest for excellence are:


love-of-nature-img-2Nature is pure.

Nature is refined.

Nature is rejuvenating.

And nature is the cornerstone of beauty.

At VLCC, we believe in being one with nature.




With the purest of botanical extracts, natural ingredients and aromatic oils, each product of VLCC is created with  precision, love and care. The essence of our products comes from the purity of natural ingredients which when we put through latest technology, help us provide new-age solutions that enhance lives. In short, when science comes  together with nature, it yields only the best. Come, experience “Love of nature, truth of science” and make it a way of life.

Hands on Expertise

Hands on ExpertiseOur team of experts is trained and they undergo continuous rigorous training. They are armed to always be ready at your disposal, so as to help and guide you through VLCC™ nature proficient new age solutions that enhance your lifestyle. VLCC has always believed that true beauty lies in exuding one inner qualities and our team has devised ways and means to help customers bring forth their best.

Our great team has helped us maintain and improve the momentum of an endeavor that began over 25 years ago.

Effective Results Naturally

Effective Results Naturally100% pure and nature inspired, VLCC™ extensive range of products aim at creating the perfect solutions for your every beauty need. Herbal formulations combined with cutting-edge natural sciences, nourish from within to reveal a younger and fresher you. Every organic ingredient present in our creations serves to rebuild the skin’s lost vitality to bring forth your natural beauty. The philosophy behind over 250 natural skincare, bodycare and haircare products lies in extracting the best nature has to offer and creating bottled brilliance that provides effective results naturally.

Contains Naturals Extracts

Contains Naturals ExtractsEach VLCC product is created with precision, love and care using the purest of botanical extracts, natural ingredients and aromatic oils. The essence of our products come from the purity of natural ingredients which when put together through latest technology helps us cater to your unique needs and requirements. VLCC™ natural products aim to help skin rejuvenation and keep you looking younger by strengthening your skin from the inside out. In short, when science comes together with nature, it yields only the best.

Completely Safe & Gentle

Completely Safe & GentleFor VLCC, research and innovation are based on an understanding of the environment and the ever increasing needs of the customer. The company™ integrated global R&D network across its many offices helps VLCC understand new emerging trends and the preferences of our diverse consumers. These teams are driven by a shared enthusiasm for creativity and innovation. These are channeled to deliver safe and high-performing skincare and slimming products along with excellent hands on services that contribute to the well-being of men and women all over the world.

Thanks to this vision, VLCC™ R&D facility for personal care products has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 quality certification.



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